★★★ Nodulus is open source! If you have a suggestion to improve the game or wish to contribute, see the GitHub project ★★★

Nodulus is a puzzle game with a clever twist. Based on the mathematical theory behind plank puzzles, consists of a grid of cubes and rods which can be rotated with a swipe. Turn the activated cubes to reach the end cube to win the level.

◉ No ads, 100% free, 100% open source
◉ Original concept - designed and developed by a math lover
◉ 20 increasingly challenging levels that will test your problem solving
◉ Quick and easy level select
◉ Abstract atmosphere with relaxing music
◉ Optimized for touch devices

Follow the developer:
◉ GitHub - https://github.com/hyperparticle/nodulus
◉ Twitter - https://twitter.com/hyperparticle
◉ Slack - https://nodulus.slack.hyperparticle.com

Also available on


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a 32bit downloadable build, please?

I'm busy at the moment, but you are free to download the source code and compile a build in Unity: https://github.com/Hyperparticle/nodulus